"Returning to architecture and urbanism, I can state that glass will be a characteristic feature of building in the new machine age because it is the most direct means by which we can find one of the essential conditions for life: sun and light

Glass is the most miraculous means of restoring the law of the sun

Modern technology has provided the building with an exceptionally beautiful product that is, it may even be said, miraculously beautiful because it is theoretically perfect: this is plate glass. Glass that allows total light penetration, passing through without any distortion. Glass that, from inside the building, is as pure as a clear sky and that, from outside, provides distinct angles, a sense of flow, brilliance, and fluid movement. Glass that gives a sense of perfection.

What a wonderful material to perfectly express part of the spirit of the Modern Age!"

~ Tim Benton Professor of Art History | Contributing Editor for modernist architect

Glass is NOW ... our specialty hardware is the catalyst to take it to the future and beyond.